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Stephanie Hoover... a published author and recognized historical and genealogical research specialist retained by production teams for Who Do You Think You Are?, Ancestors in the Attic and other broadcast and print projects.


Stephanie responds to emails in order of receipt. Due to the large volume of messages received, please allow at least two weeks for response.


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Deeds, wills, marriages, births, deaths and others.

Choose from 1,200 Pennsylvania County Court Records Searches

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• $50 if you only know place of death, month and year

Our free Directory of Pennsylvania Genealogical & Historical Societies is the largest, most accurate, most current directory on the web. Societies contact us on a regular basis to update information. Family historians and other researchers will find this directory an invaluable resource.

Directory of Pennsylvania Genealogical & Historical Societies
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Pennsylvania birth certificates for the years 1906 to1908 and death certificates for the years 1906 through 1963 are now in the public domain. Order your searches today.

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14-to-21 day turnaround.

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