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We are Pennsylvania genealogy research specialists with collateral expertise in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. We conduct on-site research at county court houses and historical/genealogical societies in addition to state and national repositories.


We have provided research services to Canada's Ancestors in the Attic television program and conducted archival research for a SyFy Channel special on the Kecksburg, PA UFO incident.


We were the first genealogists to work with the owners of Philadelphia's historic Greenwood Cemetery to evaluate the historical scope and significance of its burials in advance of a massive renovation project.


Our research was recognized in a recent article in North South Trader's Civil War, and we will be included among the author's "thank yous" in an upcoming book on business magnate Charles J. Harrah.


Most recently, the Harrisburg Patriot News interviewed Stephanie for a "how to" article on genealogy research.


In 2009 Stephanie was accepted into's ExpertConnect program offering genealogical research for family history clients around the world.

Stephanie has been researching and writing about Pennsylvania culture and history since 1984.


A trained paralegal, Stephanie formerly served as mid-Atlantic regional manager for one of the largest information brokers in the nation.


She has conducted on-site research throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. She is experienced with all historical and genealogical repositories including the National Archives, Library of Congress, state-level archives and libraries, county court houses, and historical and genealogical societies.


Stephanie is also a professional, published writer with bylines in national, regional, and local publications.

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We conduct research on-site in the counties in which your ancestors lived.

We are Pennsylvania Genealogy Research Specialists

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