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Philadelphia Historical & Genealogical Research

The Quaker Influence

William Penn faced and understood persecution. For him Pennsylvania was a noble experiment where all peoples and religions would be respected and protected.

This image shows the Quaker Meeting House near Philadelphia  that William Penn attended.

If you have Philadelphia ancestors you are in luck.

Not only are you rooted in one of the most historic cities in the world - but you also have access to a great wealth of genealogical and historical records.

Please use this page as an initial guide to genealogical research in Philadelphia.  If, after conducting your own investigation, you feel you might benefit from professional assistance visit PennsylvaniaResearch.com.

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Birth and Death


View birth and death indexes for 1906 thru 1909.

The keeping of vital records (birth, marriage and death) was not a reliable function in Pennsylvania until 1906. Several counties and cities – including Philadelphia – starting keeping records earlier in the 1860s, but in most cases researchers must rely upon alternate sources.

Church records exist for Philadelphia from the laste 1600s forward.  A small sampling of available preserved records can be found on this page of our main site, PennsylvaniaResearch.com.

This list includes Christ Church (pictured on the right), construction on which was completed in 1744.

Philadelphia Church Records:

A Fertile Resource for Genealogy and History Research


African American Property Owners in Philadelphia

in 1907

Members of the Central Congregational Church in Philadelphia in 1883

Availabilities of Pennsylvania Newspapers (by county)

List of Microfilmed Pennsylvania County Government Records

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