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The Killing of John Sharpless: The Pursuit of Justice in Delaware County
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Pennsylvania Genealogical & Historical Research

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The Kelayres Massacre: Politics & Murder in Pennsylvania's Coal Country
Philadelphia Spiritualism and the Curious Case of Katie King
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While other genealogists search for your Pennsylvania ancestors online we are slogging through cemeteries, uncovering original records, and visiting societies, repositories and churches in the areas where your family actually lived.

Pennsylvania genealogical research services include:

• Research by the hour for projects requiring in-depth analysis and attention

• Sweeps of state level repositories (Pennsylvania State Archives and Pennsylvania State Library) and county-level court houses, libraries, and genealogical and historical societies

• Searches of Pennsylvania church and court records

• On-site research in all 67 Pennsylvania counties

Obituary searches in the largest collection of microfilmed Pennsylvania newspapers in existence

• Pennsylvania birth and death records searches

• Pennsylvania home history research

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Please Note:

Due to Stephanie’s writing and publishing commitments she is accepting only limited research assignments.

Please allow at least two weeks for responses to emails and messages submitted via this site.