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As explained on the home page of this site, due to writing deadlines and commitments, I am now limiting my professional research services to the creation of “Pennsylvania genealogy research blueprints,” and Pennsylvania home histories.

The purpose of the research blueprint is to review your research on one surname and offer a professional analysis including:

• evaluations of the quality of your sources
• suggestions for overlooked records and repositories
• cautions against potentially misleading conclusions or assumptions
• recommendations for next steps
• and tips on how to better record and organize your work.

Fees for the Pennsylvania research blueprint are based on the depth of your surname research, and are as follows:
• $1,000 for review of research dating back to 1800
• $2,000 for review of research dating to the 1600s or 1700s

As with all genealogical research, there are absolutely no guarantees of what may or may not be found.
To retain my services, firstly, please contact me to advise of your intention. Then, mail the following in one package:
• your name, email address and mailing address
• photocopies (not originals) of all pertinent research compiled on the ONE SURNAME of interest
• if applicable, research reports created by any professional genealogists you’ve worked with in the past
• a check made payable to “Stephanie Hoover” in the appropriate amount (listed above), mailed to: Stephanie Hoover, P. O. Box 4921, Harrisburg, PA 17111

You will receive confirmation of receipt of materials by email.

Results will be emailed or sent by postal mail (whichever is most convenient and expedient) within 60 days of receipt of materials and payment.