1767 Map of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
(showing original layout of the town)
© Stephanie Hoover - All Rights Reserved

The town of Huntingdon, in Huntingdon County, was founded by Dr. William Smith, ethics professor and first Provost of the University of Pennsylvania. He named the town after Selina Hastings, the Countess of Huntingdon, a strong influence during England's 18th century Methodist movement.

The site of Huntingdon was once a Native American village known as Standing Stone. Hugh Crawford was the first recorded owner of land in Huntingdon, and in 1750 conveyed 400 acres on the north side of the Franklin Branch of the Juniata River to George Croghan. In turn, Croghan deeded the land to William Smith in 1766. Smith's map detailing his original plan for the town of Huntingdon can be seen below. (NOTE: At this time, Huntingdon was still part of Bedford County.)

While useful in comparing early deeds to original plot numbers, please note that the town's boundaries were enlarged in 1795 in advance of the granting of the official borough charter on March 29, 1796.

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 1767 Map

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